it has been a long time in such a bad mood..
i know i know need to be postive on everything even with all the frsutrations. come on! i am not a postive guy. however, i am sick of being negative
and why postive??  coz still need to keep live going? only when you are postive, then you feel happy? or it IS postive, it is meaningful in your life, just you don't know that at the moment.......

I should feel satisfied with lovely kids around me, and supportive husband and parents and of course good friends.
I should believe in myself finally things will turn out to be good. need patience...patience and more hard work..
learn from the frustrations, keep going!


  1. cheer up sister, there is always opportunity.. be
    confidence on yourself, have good plan, prepare for
    the next opportunity, will come soon !

    1. dear sister, tks for your always big support. good point- "have good plan"guess sometimes i am just a bit too naive. that's true. will keep going. tks v m.

  2. Hi! Your mother, my aunt,recommend us to
    have a look at your blog.

    No matter to say, your blog is great!
    Although your life is busy but colorful!
    And, You have super lovely kids,
    nice job and friends.
    Everyone likes the life as you get!

    Be happy, things won't be worse than you think.

    Sometimes, if you feel upset, just go outside
    for traveling with your family
    You may feel better. try it!

    your cousin in Tainan ( Chi )

    1. dear Chi,
      tks for the encouragment. i was wondering i should not write those unhappy stuff in my blog. however, since i define my blog as a "diary". so i do want to record everything i have in my life, including the this...
      it's a magic that we talk through blog, as we have few chance to meet and talk even we live in a big family together.
      yes, i do have so many already. but still not happy with what i don't have. that's that motivation to keep me going forward, which is not a bad things...
      maybe everything went smoothly in life in the past, so i did feel frustrated on this. i will not give up. hope can learn quickly from all of this.
      thanks to visit my blog. thanks for the encouragement. i became stronger after being a mother.. just can help being in bad mood sometimes.. :P
      looking forward to next family gathering. ^^